About Jenke's Theory

The Alchemy of self love
A ritual so important to mental wellness yet neglected.

Wellness is making deliberate choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life

Jenke’s Theory was born out of pain, healing and recovery. As a minimalist, our founder, Ayo Adeyeri turned to natural self-care and wellness routines to heal and recover from a devastating, life halting experience.

This Canada-based, black-owned brand focuses on using natural and essential oils, butters, plant-based ingredients to formulate wellness and self-care products. 

All products are cruelty-free and made with organic certified ingredients.

For every product sold, proceeds will support bereaved parents in Alberta, and put children back in school in Africa.

Why Jenke?

Jenke is a Nigerian (yoruba) meaning of ‘pamper’ or ‘indulge’. Join us in this journey of loving yourself naturally.